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    Hi all.

    I have changed my contact details. Please contact this website for update.


    A big ‘Thank You’ to Pauline of Stockton-on-Tees, who has sent a cash donation towards the upkeep of our Church of St. Helena, Leverton.

    It is through the kindess of people like Pauline that our church is able to welcome… Continue reading

    £500 cheque presentation 29th July 2013 resizedOn Monday the 7th of January 2013 the 'New Look' Play Park for the benefit of the younger members of the Leverton Community, was officially opened.


    The huge benefits of an abundance of new rides and play equipment were… Continue reading

    Early morning, on the 1st May, I saw my first Yellow Wagtail of the year sitting on the roof of the Dovecote farm buildings, a bright yellow male.  The beginning of May saw Wild Strawberries in my garden spring into… Continue reading

    After a mild start March really did live up to its name of being March of many weathers with fog, rain, severe frosts, cold strong winds and snow.  This made for the Daffodils  to come out very slowly, hanging their… Continue reading

    We will soon be putting notices from the Leverton Parish Council on the website. I am to visit during a meeting of the Council shortly, when we will decide on best practice and compatibility.

    Use the link at the top of… Continue reading

    During the high tides in December I saw a brown rat sitting on the corner stone of the Leverton pump outlet, in the water,  and looking rather wet and cold on a chilly morning.  On Boxing Day morning I saw a… Continue reading